Your IT department can assist you in creating a survey instrument to help you evaluate your programs. We hope to address some of your questions regarding surveys in this FAQ.

What kind of surveys can be created?

Most of our surveys are done on-line; we create the survey and supply you with the link. We can post the link on your web page, or you can send an e-mail to your prospective respondents containing the link.

What kind of questions can be asked?

Basically, there are four types of questions that we can create: "choose all that apply", "Choose one response", "essay response", "fill in the blank, " or "choose one per topic" rating questions.

"Choose all that apply" questions allow users to respond to check boxes.

"Choose one response" questions allow users to respond by selecting data from a drop down box or by selecting one radio button.

"Choose one per topic" questions allow users to rate a series of topics on a scale, with an example of a scale being "Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, Poor." There are many different scales to select from.

"Essay response" questions can accept up to 64,000 characters per response.

"Fill in the blank" questions can accept up to 255 characters per response.

How can I receive the responses?

Typically, we set up the survey so that responses are saved in a file on our web. When you are ready to see the responses, we can then create a presentation for you, usually in Word format, showing your responses.

We can also set up the survey so that responses are e-mailed to you. Responses received in this manner are not saved on our web, so it will be your responsibility to tabulate the responses.

How long does it take to create a survey?

Most short surveys can be created and ready for you to test in one week. The turn-around time depends on the length and complexity of the survey and our current workload. Once the author of the survey and programmer are satisfied with how the survey is working, it will then be forwarded to the IT director for final review. After final review, the survey can then be posted or distributed.

Should I have a final date for submitting responses to my survey?

Most surveys should have a final response date. However, this depends on the type of survey and the purpose of the survey.

What do you need to create the survey?

In order to create your survey, we need the following items:

1. A specific "thank you" statement that will be displayed at the end of the survey just above the button to "submit and record the results".

2. A rough draft of your survey in a Word document. Included in the document should be the questions and the possible answers.

3. The name of the contact person for the survey.

4. If your survey has a deadline for responding, what will it be?

5. Does your survey require an additional logo?

6. How would you like your responses (Word document, power point presentation, .html file)?

7. Email all information to Wilma Lewis at